North East Filmaholics started from Newcastle and have now went beyond the North East of England. With diverse filmmaking stories that matter, underrepresented cinemas and low-budget filmmakers, this place offers an alternative view of an infinite film industry that knows no borders and limits.

Our aim is not just to engage with current affairs of the film industry but to explore it in a different way, discuss its relation to other forms of art and bring to light filmmaking stories of the past, present and future that are unknown to you.

Alexandros Theodoropoulos is the creator of North East Filmaholics.

Alexandros Theodoropoulos

Alexandros Theodoropoulos is a journalist, researcher and writer. He is an MA Media and Journalism graduate of Newcastle University. He believes that filmmaking is a strong card in capturing the realistic struggle of life and indicate the problems of our society. “Understanding films better will eventually end up in understanding life better”.