“Finding Your True Self” in Newcastle

Find your true and cinematic self through the upcoming production of a slice of life piece with sub-genres of drama and romance feature film, Finding Your True Self, written and directed by North East filmmaker Gabriel Brown and co-produced by Gabriel Brown and Addison Keen.

The two producers are now in search for the basic 4 protagonists and for 2 more supporting roles for the drama/romance feature which will be filmed in early 2021 in Newcastle and the North East.

The basic characters’ list includes James, a shy guy lacking of confidence, his controlling brother Charlie and Jame’s close friends Dave and Rosalind, all in their early 20’s. The two supporting roles are consisted by a businessman in his 40’s by the name of Trevor and by doctor Evergreen, a female character between the age of 30-40.

Casting calls for these six roles close on Sunday 25/10. Any interested applicants should send a CV, a headshot and a short video introducing themselves and stating which role they would like to enact to fytsfilm@outlook.com naming the character they are applying for in the subject line. Casting will most likely take place online via Zoom calls.

The two producers told North East Filmaholics that they have had already more than 100 applications for these six roles and the deadline for casting was brought forward to the upcoming Sunday. After the first casting will have closed and the pair will have decided on the basic roles, new casting will then open for multiple extras for smaller roles required by the script.

Gabriel Brown said that he was inspired for his film’s story mostly by a scene in T2 Trainspotting. His script has already achieved great success by winning best feature script at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival and the Prague International Monthly Film Festival, and Gabriel also gained a honourable mention for first time feature screenwriter at the Kosice International Monthly Film Festival.

Gabriel who is currently in the post production stage of a documentary project
funded by the Virgin Money Foundation, and also works as a Film and TV
Assistant at Pauline Quirke Academy in Sunderland told us:

“I’m really excited to finally release these casting calls. I’ve worked on this script for a small while now and always thought it would make a great little first feature, and I can’t wait to cast it and get to filming”

His co-producer, Addison Keen, who is a Haltwhistle based actor, will play a small role in the film. Addison has been involved in theatre from a young age and has just recently broken out into film and television and has started to increase his experience both in front of and behind the camera.

In the interview, Addison expressed high excitement by telling us:

“When Gabriel first showed the script to me, I was immediately sold and thought he was sitting on a hidden gem. I’m looking
forward to being a part of Finding Your True Self , and I’m especially excited about bringing more people on board.”

For any questions regarding casting procedures and the programme of filming get in touch with the pair on the film’s Facebook page or via email at fytsfilm@outlook.com.

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