David Lynch’s new (short) film now available on Youtube

Fire (Pozar)” (2020) is the latest film written, drawn and directed by famous director David Lynch, with music by Marek Zebrowski.

The film is a short animation film which provides 10 minutes of exploration in Lynch’s unique cinematic mind. With the general idea of the plot being vague, a fire created by a mysterious figure leaves the world empty and ovverun by mysterious insect figures.

The idea of “Fire (Pozar)” started in 2015 with David Lynch stating:

“It was an experiment because I spoke no word to Zebrowski about my intentions in this movie so that he would do his part driven by his own thoughts. So I guess it was a successful experiment!”

David Lynch: Photo by Derek Hudson

David Lynch is considered one of the most legendary directors of mystery and thriller movies with Mulholland Dr. (2001), Lost Highway (1997) and Blue Velvet (1986) being among his greatest all time hits.

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