Newcastle Student Film Festival

In probably one of the last public meetings and events in Newcastle University for this semester, Newcastle Student Film Festival 2020 took place with new filmmakers, films and unique stories. 

A great number of Newcastle Univeristy students presented their films that were screened in the Students Union, within a three days program. The total number of the films submitted was 23. On the last day, the awards ceremony took place with different winners in a number of categories.

Occhio Alla Spesa
Photo by Alexandros Theodoropoulos

The most important award of the day, Best Picture, went to Occhio Alla Spesa an Italian film written and directed by Francesco Bianco and starring Matteo Magazzino. The plot revolves around a journalist investigating an accident in a super market where an environmental activist was involved.

The “Best Drama” award went to Cyril Offence by Louis Linsey while Life Itself by Lizzie Ewin won in the “Best Documentary” category.

The Cook the Egg and the Hitman, a black comedy by Alasdair Richards won “Best Comedy” and “Best Editing” while the “Best Sound Design” went to Miles Cracknell and Holly Eysselinck for their art film with the endless title: Lofi Boom Bap Beats Cassette Tapes (Dirty)-or- Postmodernism.MP4, a film which also won in the “Best Art Film” category.

The “People’s Choice” award went to 36 Hours by Alex Battersby, a film concerned with the process of filmmaking. Finally, Su Madre El Rio won in the “Best Cinematography” category.

This year’s Film Festival was another Newcastle Student Film Festival that revealed great talent among the participants and the screened films amazed with their professional standards.

Let’s not forget that these people are the filmmakers of the future…

The Filmmakers of the future.
Photo by Alexandros Theodoropoulos

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