Script Workshop in Newcastle Film Club

Newcastle Film Club’s 3rd meeting provided the members with a collaborative workshop of three different scripts for the purposes of three short films.

Every member had the script and the plot’s characters in hand, written in some pieces of paper. After the reading of the script started, by some of the members that chose to portray the story’s characters for the purposes of the workshop, every member could write down notes, critics and suggestions of improvement of the plot and the dialogues.

1st Script: Accomplice: Written by Lee McShane

Film Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

The writer of “Accomplice”, Lee McShane

Accomplice follows the story of two CID detectives Kevin and Harry sitting in Harry’s living room at the end of a week after they have found another dead woman’s body. The story starts in media res, as before the opening scene, 9 other women have already been murdered, a fact that we learn throughout the first dialogue between the two detectives.

The story plot evolves into an unprecedented U-turn, as the accusations start to point towards one of the two detectives and the truth seems to be well-hidden.

Listen to a part of the script as it was read aloud by NFC members:

2nd Script: Northeast Omen Society: Writting in progress by Lydia Conlin

Film Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Lydia Conlin is currently working on her script

Northeast Omen Society was the winning pitch of NFC pitch day just 2 weeks ago. The film story received the most votes from NFC members and it will be put into production after the writing will finish.

The film follows the story of a banshee-in-training and her friends in the Northeast Omen Society as they navigate their daily life in the mortal realm. As we learn throughout the story, Northeast Omen Society works as a social club and support group for myths and legends living in the area. The characters are influenced and guided by the “bad hand of fate”, which serves as an embodiment of the chaos of our universe.

3rd Script: Noir: Written by Robert C. Bagley

Film Genre: Crime, Drama, Noir

The writer of “Noir”, Robert C. Bagley

Noir follows the investigation of a murdered detective, as his fellow colleague takes it personally and tries to bring the killer to justice.

The mystery surrounding his murder seems to be connected with corporate embezzlement as his ex-wife starts to have a great deal of involvement in the case.

The three scripts received feedback from all the NFC members and the next meeting will take place in two weeks time.

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