Pitch Day in Newcastle Film Club

More than 10 film stories were presented and participated in the voting process; one of them won the 1000 pounds production money.

In the first Pitch day meeting that was organised by Newcastle Film Club, a number of young creators, new and aspiring filmmakers, screenwriters and actors were present in the procedure of pitching a number of film ideas and scripts.

After more than ten different film ideas were presented, the members of the club voted which film idea they would like to see been put into production.

Through a process of continuous pitching from comedy to drama and from crime to romance, North East Omens Society by Lydia Conlin was voted the best film idea to be put into production to represent the first official short film of Newcastle Film Club.

“I feel like it can’t be real that my film idea was chosen to be put into production”, Lydia said.

The film follows the story of a banshee-in-training and her friends in the Northeast Omens Society as they try to cope with their daily life in the mortal realm.

The short film will be put into production over the next few months and members of the club can apply for a number of positions and responsibilities in the production of the film.

Newcastle Film Club started to operate this season when the founder, Samantha Castro-Leddy who came to Newcastle from Texas just the previous year, established the club as a place where anyone that shares the same interests and concerns about the film industry can join the club as a member regardless of previous experience.

Pitch day winner, Lydia Conlin (left), with Newcastle Film Club founder and director, Samantha Castro-Leddy.

Samantha told North East Filmaholics:

“We want to increase creativity among new filmmakers, old filmmakers or even people who are completely newbie in the industry. Everyone can come here to share their film idea and be nominated for the budget of 1000 pounds”.

Melanie Dobson, the vice president of the Club and film production graduate said:

“I am very happy about Newcastle Film Club because a lot of creative people can come together and support one another in producing their film ideas and make their visions reality”.

The next meeting of the club will take place on February the 23th and we are going to participate in the first script workshop of The North East Omens Society.

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